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Monthly Meetings






Our monthly meetings will be scheduled periodically at

Restaurant Pizza Works

456 Grove St.

Worcester MA 01605

If you are interested in attending email

George Phillies

Robert Underwood

for information 




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                                  Results for State House of Representatives:

                         Eighth Middlesex John Loya 3,302 29%

                         Ninth Hampden Robert Underwood 1,777 20%




Hampden County Contact:

Note: This is a local call from all of Greater Springfield and most of Hampden County. Feel free to contact us for information about a Libertarian group in your area.



George Phillies
48 Hancock Hill Drive
Worcester MA 01609



Robert Underwood

83 Cherrelyn St.

Springfield, MA 01104-2441







Do you like the outcome of the last election?

Libertarian Party





Pioneer Valley




Want you to run for something!!!!!!



You are going to have to take it upon yourself to get a real choice of candidates on the ballot, but you do not have to go it alone. Contact the people on this page, or come to the meeting. We need people to run and to help with campaigns. Think about it early, As the opposition knows, election time begins in January.
















Why Good Libertarians Should Run for Office



The platform of the Libertarian Party is to support individual Liberty and work against various forms of government restrictions on individual freedom and constitutionally defined liberties



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Pioneer Valley Libertarian Association














The Pioneer Valley Libertarian Association covers roughly the area encompassed by the 413 area code, extending from the New York border and the Berkshires in the west to the center of the state and Worcester, the third largest city in New England. We support and assist local chapters and individuals throughout the Pioneer Valley, the Berkshires and the rest of Western Massachusetts.

Philosophy of the Libertarian Party

The Libertarian movement is dedicated to individual liberty. We stand for small government, low taxes, and the whole Bill of Rights. 'Liberty' includes freedom from excessive government interference in our personal lives and freedom from oppressive taxation. We support balancing the budget and paying off the national debt. More about the Libertarian movement can be found on the pages of the Central Massachusetts Liberty Coalition and in the the National Libertarian Party's Statement of Principles and the Libertarian Party Platform.

Some of our members belong to the National Libertarian Party, while others are associated with the Libertarian Party of Massachusetts (the Partido Liberal).

However, we are an independent, democratically-run society. When the former Libertarian Association of Massachusetts was absorbed by the Libertarian Party of Massachusetts, we became the oldest continuously-existing libertarian group in the Commonwealth.



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Our newsletter is the monthly Let Freedom Ring!, now published jointly with the Libertarian Strategy Gazette and the CMLC Liberator. Subscriptions to Let Freedom Ring are only $13 a year ($10 a year if you live in central and western Massachusetts.) To subscribe, send a check payable to 'Carol McMahon' to George Phillies, 87-6 Park Avenue Worcester MA 01605.


































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History of PVLA 

You have reached the headquarters of the Pioneer Valley Libertarian Association, founded in 1995 by John Brickner. The Pioneer Valley Libertarian Association is an educational and civic club. We have regular meetings and publish a monthly newsletter.

We encourage members to play an active political role in their communities. Some members hold political office. Others have run for office, at levels from Town Planning Board to United States Senate. Many of us help campaign for our friends. Several members formed the Liberty Tree Small Government Low Taxes Political Action Committee, the only Libertarian State PAC in Massachusetts.